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50 "не" для медоварів


Збірник створено за результатами численних зустрічей з медоварів України та проведення десятків конкурсів, семінарів, майстер-класів (в тому числі і за кордоном). У книзі описано: – технології та обладнання для медоварів – технології та обладнання для медоварів – санітарія і безпеку – гігієна медовара..

CABI Publishing

Animal Nutrition with Transgenic Plants


* Gathers together more than 150 feeding studies with food-producing animals and covers both first and second generation transgenic plants * The first central resource of this information for researchers, students and policy makers * Includes contributions from a wide range of specialists in the field..

CABI Publishing

Aquaculture and Fisheries Biotechnology


The growth of worldwide aquaculture has been sustained and rapid, and the explosion of research in genetic biotechnology has made significant impact on aquaculture and fisheries, although potential for much greater progress exists. Aquaculture and Fisheries Biotechnology: Genetic Approaches covers topics essential to the study of fish genetics, including qua..


Aquaculture Technology


Key features: Takes a quantitative approach to the science of aquaculture Covers the complete landscape of the scientific basis of fish culture Promotes problem solving and critical thinking Includes sample problems at the end of most chapters Guides the reader through the technical considerations of intensive aquaculture, including fish growth rates, hydra..

CABI Publishing

Beef Cattle Production Systems


This textbook provides an integrated view of beef cattle production with a systems based approach, discussing the interrelationships of a broad range of aspects with the overall goal of optimising cattle production. This book provides the background to allow cattle producers to match their production environments with genetic, management, and marketing oppor..

CRC Press

Cattle and Sheep Medicine


The new edition of Cattle and Sheep Medicine incorporates over 250 new clinical cases divided equally between cattle and sheep. The cases appear randomly to reflect real life practice and are presented as a set of integrated questions, photographs and detailed explanatory answers—to educate and not just to test. New images have been added for all c..


Color Atlas of Farm Animal Dermatology


A practical full-color reference on the recognition and diagnosis of dermatological disease in farm animalsColor Atlas of Farm Animal Dermatology, Second Edition is an essential reference for veterinary dermatologists, practitioners, and students alike. Emphasizing recognition and diagnosis, the book combines hundreds of color photographs with clear and..

CABI Publishing

Dairy Goats, Feeding and Nutrition


Dairy goats have long been considered an important source of income for rural populations, providing the opportunity for profitable and sustainable diversity for small farms. Their importance is also increasing in intensive feeding systems and in large farms. They are highly adaptable due to their unique feeding habits and have become popular livestock anim..


Diseases of The Goat


Diseases of the Goat, 4th Edition, is a revised and updated edition of the popular tool for veterinarians featuring of all aspects of goat medicine—from initial assessment and examination to diagnosis, treatment, and control of conditions. This highly practical, concise handbook is designed for frequent reference, and is suitable for all those treating and k..


English for specific purposes (veterinary medicine)


Навчальний посібник призначений для здобувачів вищої освіти спеціальності «Ветеринарна медицина». Посібник укладено згідно з робочою навчальною програмою з дисципліни «Іноземна мова за професійним спрямуванням (англійська)» і рекомендовано для аудиторної та самостійної роботи здобувачів вищої освіти...


Feed Efficiency in the Beef Industry


Feed Efficiency in the Beef Industry provides a thorough and concise overview of feed efficiency in beef cattle.  It frames the great importance of feed efficiency to the industry and details the latest findings of the many scientific disciplines that intersect and aim to improve efficient and sustainable production of nutritious beef. The vast maj..

CABI Publishing

Goat Meat Production and Quality


Written by some of the world's leading goat meat scientists, and drawing from the most recent publications in the field, this book comprehensively covers the most important areas of goat meat production. Chapters discuss the role of genetics, breeding, reproduction, and nutrition in producing good quality, profitable goat meat. The mineral, amino acid and fa..

CABI Publishing

Handbook for the Sheep Clinician


An established favourite with veterinary and agricultural students and a valuable addition to the library of any veterinarian or sheep farmer, this handbook covers the basics of sheep medicine and production. Geared at being an on-farm reference, it concisely conveys all of the fundamental information for the treatment of sheep worldwide. In this fully updat..

CABI Publishing

Horse Genetics


This essential textbook describes the basic genetics of the horse including coat colour, parentage, medical and population genetics, cytogenetics, performance, breeding systems and genetic conservation, and new advances such as micro-satellite testing. The authors have updated Dr. Ann T. Bowling's seminal work in light of the sequencing of the complete horse..


LINGUA LATINA. «Латинська мова» для здобувачів вищої освіти спеціальності «Ветеринарн..


Навчальний посібник призначений для здобувачів вищої освіти спеціальності «Ветеринарна медицина». Посібник укладено згідно з робочою навчальною програмою дисципліни «Латинська мова» і рекомендовано для аудиторної та самостійної роботи здобувачів вищої освіти...

CABI Publishing

Manual of Equine Dermatology


This book deals exclusively with the equine dermatological problems that the clinician would see in practice. It is the perfect reference for the practitioner who must quickly diagnose and treat the problems. Illustrated in color throughout, coverage progresses from the approach to a case which covers history, signalment, identification of primary vs second..

CABI Publishing

Pig Disease Identification and Diagnosis Guide


Pork is one of the world’s most widely consumed meats, with the pig industry undergoing recent rapid expansion across Asia and Latin America. This textbook covers more than 100 of the most common pig diseases. With each presented as a case study, the book uses a question and answer format to enable students to recognise the key features of each disease, iden..

CRC Press

Pig Health


Key features:Contains the contributions of international experts from the UK, USA, Australia, Spain and TaiwanIncludes over 1,500 high-quality illustrationsMaintaining the health of pigs is vital in pig farming and production. This new book written by experts from around the world focuses on the health of pigs, first with coverage of the disorders of pigs or..

CABI Publishing

Poultry Feathers and Skin


The feathers and skin in birds are the first line of defence, but are also important in helping the bird to maintain a stable internal temperature, facilitate integral mobility and ensure successful mating in some species. For poultry, the physical conditions of feathers and skin are important barometers to assess the impact of management and ensure health a..


Practical Lambing and Lamb Care: A Veterinary Guide


The Fourth Edition of Practical Lambing and Lamb Care offers a complete revision and update to this comprehensive and practical resource to all aspects of lambing and lamb care. Offers a thoroughly revised edition of this practical guide to all aspects of lambing and lamb carePresents an authoritative resource for anyone involved in the care o..

CABI Publishing

Principles of Cattle Production


Completely updated and revised, the new edition of Principles of Cattle Production continues to provide an introductory level text for all interested in beef and dairy cattle production systems. This edition presents a vision for a cattle industry that addresses the environment, the welfare of cattle and the provision of safe and high quality food for an inc..

CABI Publishing

Rabbit Behaviour, Health and Care


This book is an essential, thorough, very practical guide to understanding and caring for your rabbit. By following the advice in this book, both rabbit owners and veterinary health professionals report healthier and more content rabbits. Developed from the successful Norwegian text Den Store Kaninboka by the award-winning author Marit Emilie Buseth, Rabbit ..

CABI Publishing

Rabbit Production


This new edition of Rabbit Production is fully updated throughout. Mainly concerning rabbits bred for meat and fur, it also contains practical information on pet rabbits, show rabbits and rabbits used as laboratory animals. Core topics are covered, including rabbit genetics, reproduction, health and diseases, behaviour, welfare, fur and meat production, rabb..

CRC Press

Sheep Medicine


Sheep Medicine, Second Edition describes key sheep diseases encountered in general practice along with their diagnoses, treatment, prognoses, control, and, where appropriate, post-mortem features. The book is divided into chapters covering each body system.Each chapter of this completely revised and updated book opens with a recommended approach to clin..

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