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Грецкий орех


В книге рассказывается о хозяйственном значении, биологии, экологии, росте и продуктивности грецкого ореха, а также о способах его разведения. Изложена методика рентабельного культивирования насаждений с подробным освещением комплекса соответствующих мероприятий. Описаны популярные сорта и дана информация по болезням и вредителям грецкого ореха. Предлагаются..


40-100 кг. винограда с одного куста в северных и центральных областях Украины


В книге изложены особенности выращивания винограда в центральной и северной части Украины на основании многолетнего практического опыта. Дана характеристика лучшим, рекомендованным для этой зоны столовым и техническим сортам. Монография рассчитана на широкий круг читателей, любящих и ценящих виноград, неравнодушных к его солнечным плодам. Будет учебным пособ..

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Almonds. Botany, Production and Uses


This book provides a comprehensive overview of almond growing from a scientific and horticultural perspective, covering botany, production, processing and industrial uses. Almonds are an important crop; they are highly regarded for their flavour, nutritional properties and culinary uses, and almond oil is used widely in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical prod..

Anness Publishing

Apples and How to Grow Them


A visual directory of over 400 international apple varieties, whole and cut with a step-by-step guide to cultivation..

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Automation in Tree Fruit Production


Automation in agriculture is made possible by the integration of advanced agricultural technology and precision agriculture management. This book, uniquely, will focus on applications of automation to the important industry of tree fruit production. Written by experts in agricultural automation technology from around the world, chapters in this book cove..

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Blackberries and Their Hybrids


This practical book provides a comprehensive and accessible overview of all aspects of the commercial production of blackberries and their hybrids, covering plant growth and development, cultivar description and selection, propagation, pruning, soil and water management, postharvest management, economics and marketing, and pest identification and management...

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Blueberry cultivation has increased dramatically as production has shifted into new regions. Blueberries are now widely available as food and also processed to be used in medicine and pharmaceuticals for their antioxidant properties. This new and updated edition covers the major topics of interest to blueberry breeders and researchers including botany, physi..


British Gardens


Garden design began in West Asia and spread through Europe. This book tells how, in the British Isles, it flourished to an extraordinary degree. Following the historical method in Tom Turner’s books on Asian gardens (2010) and European gardens (2011), it uses almost 1000 colour photographs, plans and style diagrams to provide a word and image history of gar..

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Sweet and sour cherries (Prunus avium and Prunus cerasus) are important fruit crops for which demand is high and growing. A significant number of new varieties, rootstocks and training systems have been released or developed in recent years in order to improve the efficiency and profitability of cherry orchards. Cherries: Botany, Production and Uses cove..

CRC Press

Currants, Gooseberries, and Jostaberries


Rediscover the economic potential of growing Ribes cultivars in the United States and Canada! Currants, Gooseberries, and Jostaberries: A Guide for Growers, Marketers, and Researchers in North America explores the biology and history of growing these small fruits as commercial crops in North America. This book provides authoritative information on the pot..

CRC Press

Cytology, Histology and Histochemistry of Fruit Tree Diseases


Published in 1993: This book provides a comprehensive discussion of the relationships between host plant structure and pathological anatomy. Topics include the structure and development of gum ducts, wound reactions, systemic invasion by bacterial pathogens, diseases caused by MLOs, and responses to cold temperatures..

CRC Press

Fruit Flies (Tephritidae)


Fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) are among the most destructive agricultural pests in the world, eating their way through acres and acres of citrus and other fruits at an alarming rate and forcing food and agriculture agencies to spend millions of dollars in control and management measures. But until now, the study of fruit flies has been traditionally bia..

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Fruit Ripening


Fruit ripening is an important aspect of fruit production. The timing of it affects supply chains and buying behaviour, and for consumers ripeness not only affects perceptions of health but has nutritional effects too. Ripeness is closely related to spoilage which has a major financial impact on agricultural industries. Currently there are fast moving develo..

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Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Peanuts


Peanut, an amphidiploid, is an important food and oil crop and has an interesting evolutionary history. This book provides a glimpse of the advances in genetic resources and genomics research of peanut made during the last decade. It contains an overview of germplasm, advances in genetic and genomic resources, genetic and trait mapping, proteomic and transcr..

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""'Creasy and Creasy is the 'go to' reference on my bookshelf when I am searching for thoughts on current production systems. Given the authors' experience, there is good awareness of viticultural practices in different climate zones... I trust readers will find as much benefit and enjoyment with this updated volume as I found with the first."' Dr. Richa..

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Pruning Success


This title shows you how and when to prune all the key plants in your garden, with step-by-step photographs. It clearly explains the different methods of pruning, such as deadheading, shaping, clipping and trimming. It describes specific pruning techniques for different types of plants, including roses, shrubs, climbers and hedges. You can learn how to restr..

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Raspberry production and consumption is increasing steadily worldwide, and the potential health benefits of the fruit are becoming more widely known. Providing an international overview of the modern raspberry industry, this book covers North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It discusses all aspects of raspberry growing, including plant growth and ..

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This new and updated edition of a popular text provides a broad, balanced review of the scientific knowledge of strawberries and their cultivation. The worldwide strawberry industry has grown substantially since the original book was published, and methods of culture have undergone extensive modifications. This volume incorporates important changes to the ta..

CRC Press

Strawberries Production, Postharvest Management and Protection


This book provides unparalleled integration of fundamentals and most advanced management to make this strawberry crop highly remunerative besides enhancing per capita availability of fruit even in the non-traditional regions of the world...


The Planting Design Handbook


Since the first edition was published in 1992, Nick Robinson's The Planting Design Handbook has been widely used as a definitive text on landscape architecture courses throughout the world. It remains one of the few titles written by a practicing landscape architect and educator who is also a horticulturalist and accomplished plantsman, and which deals with ..


To Design Landscape


To Design Landscape sets out a distinctively practical philosophy of design, in accessible format. Based on the notion that landscape design is a form-based craft addressing environmental processes and utility, Dee establishes a framework for approaching such craft with modesty and ingenuity, using the concept of "aesthetics of thrift". Employing numerous c..


Інтенсивний сад


Одна з найдавніше окультурених плодових рослин у зоні помірного клімату — яблуня. Значне поширення цієї культури у світі пояснюється її високою адаптивністю до різних ґрунтово-кліматичних умов, багатим біохімічним складом плодів, які за відповідного добору сортів можна споживати у свіжому вигляді практично цілий рік. Натомість груша значно відстає за площами..

Інститут садівництва

Агроекологічні системи інтегрованого захисту плодових і ягідних культур від шкідників..


Наводиться характеристика шкідників та хвороб плодових і ягідних культур, що мають поширення в Україні, та системи інтегрованого захисту насаджень від них. Для фахівців із захисту рослин, агропромислового комплексу, науково-дослідних установ, викладачів, аспірантів і студентів біологічних та аграрних вузів...

Інститут садівництва

Адаптація яблуні в Україні


Дано комплексну оцінку з кліматичної, економічної, грунтової та технологічної точок зору регіонів України, що дасть змогу при відносно низьких ресурсозатратах оптимізувати вирощування високопродуктивних промислових насаджень. Уточнено групування грунтів за ступенем їх придатності для вирощування яблуні. Оцінка існуючих інтенсивних промислових садів дала можл..

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