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A Coach’s Guide to Maximizing the Youth Sport Experience


This book guides sport coaches, parents and administrators in creating a caring and task-involving sport climate that helps athletes perform their best and have an enjoyable and meaningful sport experience. It introduces the concept of a caring and task-involving climate and provides a "how to" guide to creating this climate in sport. Firstly, this guide in..

Psychology Press



From the beginning of 2000, with the increase and diffusion of modern technologies, a new form of bullying using electronic means has emerged. Literature has reached some consistent findings on the description of the problem. However, there is still a lack of knowledge about developmental processes of cyberbullying and about possible predictors and correlate..


High Performance Youth Swimming


High Performance Youth Swimming provides an in-depth view of the physiological, biomechanical, and multifaceted underpinning of swimming success, with a focus on youth. Considerations to both growth and maturation processes and the intricacies of the swimming training environment are core throughout the book. Divided into sections on physiology of swimming,..


Learning for the Age of Artificial Intelligence


Learning for the Age of Artificial Intelligence is a richly informed argument for curricular change to educate people towards achievement and success as intelligent machine systems proliferate. Describing eight key competences, this comprehensive volume prepares educational leaders, designers, researchers, and policymakers to effectively rethink the kno..


Routledge Handbook of Talent Identification and Development in Sport


Identifying athletic talent and developing that talent to its full potential is a central concern in sport. Understanding talent identification and its implications for both positive and negative developmental outcomes is crucial to sporting success. This is the first comprehensive resource for scientists, researchers, students, coaches, analysts and policym..


Routledge Handbook of Youth Sport


The Routledge Handbook of Youth Sport is a comprehensive survey of the latest research into young people’s involvement in sport. Drawing on a wide diversity of disciplines, including sociology, psychology, policy studies, coaching, physical education and physiology, the book examines the importance of sport during a key transitional period of our lives, from..

CRC Press

Safe and Effective Exercise for Overweight Youth


Based on decades of scientific research and clinical experience, Safe and Effective Exercise for Overweight Youth provides a scientifically supported and clinically relevant source of information that clinical health care providers, educators, public health, and fitness professionals may use to promote physical activity in overweight and obese youth of all a..


Should Robots Replace Teachers?: AI and the Future of Education


Developments in AI, robotics and big data are changing the nature of education. Yet the implications of these technologies for the teaching profession are uncertain. While most educators remain convinced of the need for human teachers, outside the profession there is growing anticipation of a technological reinvention of the ways in which teaching and learni..


Sport Pedagogy


Sport Pedagogy offers an essential starting point for anyone who cares about sport, education and young people. It offers invaluable theoretical and practical guidance for studying to become an effective teacher or coach, and for anyone who wants to inspire children and young people to engage in and enjoy sport for life. The book also focuses on you as a lea..


Sport Psychology for Young Athletes


Understanding and applying psychology within youth sport settings is key to maximising young athletes’ enjoyment, wellbeing, and sporting performance. Written by a team of leading international researcher-practitioners, this book is the first to offer an evidence-based introduction to the theory and practice of sport psychology for children and young athlete..


Strength and Conditioning for Young Athletes


Strength and Conditioning for Young Athletes: Science and Application offers an evidence-based introduction to the theory and practice of strength and conditioning for young athletes. Fully revised and updated, this second edition draws on leading research to offer a holistic approach to training centred on the concept of long-term athletic development and t..


Talent Development


The process of talent development (TD) is essential to success in any sport. Drawing on the latest evidence and a considerable experience base, this book dispels myths about talent development and offers practical advice on the TD pathway from pre-school to elite level. Aimed at practitioners and other stakeholders involved in the TD process – including coac..


Talent Identification and Development in Sport


Identifying and developing talented athletes to their fullest potential is a central concern of sport scientists, sports coaches and sports policy makers. The second edition of this popular text offers a state of the science synthesis of current knowledge in talent identification and development in sport, from the biological basis of talent to the systems an..


The Athletic Skills Model


The Athletic Skills Model offers an alternative to dominant talent development theories in the form of holistic broad-based movement education, focusing on health and wellbeing. It places the emphasis on ‘physical intelligence’ – including attributes such as agility, flexibility and stability – through adaptable and varied training programmes, creating a ski..


Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence in Special Education


New technologies and ongoing developments in the fields of Virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence are changing the ways in which we facilitate learning. Recognising the positive role these technologies can play in the learning and progress of students assessed as having special educational needs, this practical guide explains the char..


Voice: Onstage and Off


Voice: Onstage and Off is a comprehensive guide to the process of building, mastering, and fine-tuning the voice for performance. Every aspect of vocal work is covered, from the initial speech impulse and the creation of sound, right through to refining the final product in different types of performance. This highly adaptable course of study empowers perfor..


Виховна робота зі студентською молоддю


У навчальному посібнику розглянуто мету, основні напрями, фор­ми та методи виховної роботи зі студентською молоддю у вищих зак­ладах освіти (ВЗО). Розкрито загальнолюдський і національний харак­тер виховання, теоретичні засади соціалізації, виховання толерант­ності та культури міжнаціонального спілкування студентської молоді, шляхи та засоби досягнення завда..

Університетська книга

Корекційно-реабілітаційна діяльність: стратегія управління


Монографія присвячена проблемам методології корекційно-реабілітаційної діяльності. Висвітлено теоретичні засади комплексної допомоги особам з психофізичними порушеннями та/або з інвалідністю з позицій корекційної педагогіки та в комплексі з іншими науками. Обґрунтовано сутність та визначено роль і місце інституту управління системою корекційно-реабілітаційно..

Університетська книга

Корекційно-реабілітаційна робота в спеціальних дошкільних закладах для дітей з особли..


У посібнику розглянуті основні завдання системи корекційно-реабілітаційної роботи в спеціальних дошкільних закладах для дітей з особливими потребами, наводиться модель сучасної системи допомоги цим дітям, практичні матеріали щодо роботи з дітьми з психофізичними порушеннями. Посібник адресований студентам вищих педагогічних закладів, які навчаються за спеціа..


Расстройства аутистического спектра


Вводный курс «Расстройства аутистического спектра» содержит в себе ключевую информацию об этой группе расстройств. Опираясь на материал современных исследований расстройств аутистического спектра (РАС), автор рассматривает как исторический контекст изучения РАС, так и современные подходы к диагностике, вмешательству и поддержке людей с РАС. Особое внимание у..

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