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Abiotic Stresses in Crop Plants


Based on the biochemical and molecular mechanisms of tolerance of commonly encountered abiotic stresses in nature, this book covers the effect of increasing temperature, flood, drought, salinity, ozone and heavy metals such as arsenic and cadmium on plants. It discusses how these abiotic stresses can be managed in a cost-effective and eco-friendly way by uti..

CABI Publishing

Applied Plant Virology


Written for advanced undergraduate students, this book is a practical, in-depth guide to plant virology. Beginning with an introduction to viruses and their classification, the text describes virus pathology, including how viruses enter and move through plant cells and induce disease. Subsequent chapters discuss how viruses spread in the field and how to mea..


Bacillus subtilis 26Д - индуктор резистентности растений к стрессам


В монографии обобщена информация о биологических особенностях, функциях и механизмах действия бактерии Bacillus subtilis 26Д на растениях, её роль как естественного регулятора роста и сигнальной молекулы для индукции защитных реакций растений. Рассмотрено влияние бактерии на разные клеточные и физиолого-биохимические процессы у растений, резистентность рас..

CRC Press

Bacterial Diseases of Crop Plants


Food and agriculture is an important component in the development and survival of civilizations. Around half of the world's population and their economies are influenced by agricultural farm production. Plant diseases take as much as a 30 percent toll of the crop harvest if not managed properly and efficiently. Bacterial diseases of crop plants are important..


Control of Pests and Weeds by Natural Enemies: An Introduction to Biological Control


Biological control – utilizing a population of natural enemies to seasonally or permanently suppress pests – is not a new concept. The cottony cushion scale, which nearly destroyed the citrus industry of California, was controlled by an introduced predatory insect in the 1880s. Accelerated invasions by insects and spread of weedy non-native plants in the las..


Diagnostic signs of diseases od vegetable crops and potato


The textbook includes descriptions and color images of the most common and harmful diseases of cabbage, tomato, pepper, table beat, cucumber, onion, garlic, carrot, peas, beans, faba beans and potato. The addition describes diagnostic symptoms of patologies of vegetable plants, the morphological and biological characteristics of the pathogens. ..

CABI Publishing

Disease Resistance in Wheat


Disease resistance is one of the major factors that can be improved to sustain yield potential in cultivated crops. This book looks at disease resistance in wheat, concentrating on all the economically important diseases - their economic impact and geographical spread, breeding for resistance, pathogen variability, resistance mechanisms and recent advances m..

CRC Press

Diseases of Field Crops Diagnosis and Management


This new 2-volume set, Diseases of Field Crops: Diagnosis and Management, helps to fill the need for research on plant diseases, their effects, how they spread, and effective management measures to mitigate their harmful effects.The volumes in this set showcase recent advances in molecular plant pathology and discuss appropriate diagnostic techniques fo..

CRC Press

Diseases of Small Grain Cereal Crops


The small grain cereals wheat, barley, oats and rye are cultivated worldwide. They form the foundation of most agricultural systems and are essential in the manufacture of staple products such as bread, pasta and fermented beverages. Reflecting the global and economic importance of cereal crops, this book aims to make identification of diseases afflicting th..

CABI Publishing

Economics of Soybean Disease Control


Worldwide soybean crop yields can achieve USD$130 billion per year in farm-level sales, but around 13% of these yields are lost to disease. Effective disease management could generate significant economic benefits, and while disease management strategies do exist, their application remains limited among producers, often due to an incomplete understanding of ..

CABI Publishing

Fungal Plant Pathogens


Covering the key techniques used when working with fungal plant pathogens, this practical manual deals with recognition of disease symptoms, detection and identification of fungi and methods to characterise them well as curation, quarantine and quality assurance. The book is unique in its practical focus, providing an overview of both traditional and emergin..

CABI Publishing

Fungicides in Crop Protection


Plant pathogenic fungi cause devastating damage to crop production worldwide. The growing global population necessitates reduced crop losses to improve food security, and the control of fungal plant pathogens is vital to help maintain food production. Providing a concise and balanced review of fungicides used in crop protection, this book describes the scien..

CABI Publishing

Integrated Pest Management


Providing a critical evaluation of the management strategies involved in ecologically-based pest management, this book presents a balanced overview of environmentally safe and ecologically sound approaches. Topics covered include biological control with fungi and viruses, conservation of natural predators, use of botanicals and how effective pest management ..


Modern Crop Protection Compounds


The leading reference on this topic has just gotten better. Building on the success of the previous two editions, all the chapters have been updated to reflect the latest developments in the field, and new chapters have been added on picolinic acids, oxathiapiprolin, flupyradifurone, and other topics.This third edition presents the most important active ingr..

CABI Publishing

Molecular Methods in Plant Disease Diagnostics


Using molecular methods for plant disease diagnosis provides diagnosticians with a number of advantages over more traditional methods. They can allow the identification of morphologically similar species, for example, or the detection of infection prior to symptom formation. Not only can molecular tools help by increasing the efficacy, accuracy and speed of ..


Pesticides in Crop Production: Physiological and Biochemical Action


A guide to the diversity of pesticides used in modern agricultural practices, and the relevant social and environmental issuesPesticides in Crop Production offers an important resource that explores pesticide action in plants; pesticide metabolism in soil microbes, plants and animals; bioaccumulation of pesticides and sensitiveness of microbiome towards..


Physiological Responses of Plants to Attack


Despite the research effort put into controlling pathogens, pests and parasitic plants, crop losses are still a regular feature of agriculture worldwide. This makes it important to manage the crop appropriately in order to maximise yield. Understanding the relationship between the occurrence and severity of attack, and the resulting yield loss, is an importa..

CABI Publishing



This acclaimed title is now available as a paperback! A comprehensive manual of phytobacteriology, this work is heavily illustrated with over 200 colour photographs and line illustrations. It begins by outlining the history and science of bacteriology and gives an overview of the diversity and versatility of complex bacteria. It then explains the characteriz..

CABI Publishing

Sustainable Crop Disease Management using Natural Products


Alternative methods of disease control such as natural products and compounds derived from biological origins, provide an effective alternate to the use of chemical products or a means to minimize their use. It is imperative now to look for such sustainable crop disease management approaches, that include routine and alternative methods. Natural products for..

CRC Press

The Vegetable Pathosystem


The new book The Vegetable Pathosystem: Ecology, Disease Mechanism, and Management provides an overview of the multitude of pathogens that plague vegetables in various conditions as well as the growing concerns associated with these phytopathogens. Variability in vegetable pathogens is a critical issue, particularly in changing environments, as it ..


Агротехника и механизация защиты растений


Актуальность, задачи и способы защиты с/х культур; Пестициды, их классификация и технологогические принципы нанесения на обрабатываемую поверхность; Химические препараты партнеры пестицидов; Предпосевная подготовка семенного материала; Технологии опрыскиваний и классификация опрыскивателей; Общее устройство и рабочие органы штанговых опрыскивателей; Подготов..


Атлас-определитель. Болезни и вредители овощных культур


Этот атлас-определитель поможет вам по фотографиям и описаниям симптомов поставить правильный диагноз заболеваний и повреждений овощных растений. Для каждой культуры в полном объеме описаны признаки болезней, указаны их возбудители, а также вредители и наносимый ими ущерб, рекомендованы меры профилактики и борьбы, разрешенные средства защиты, способы и оптим..


Атлас-определитель. Болезни и вредители плодовых растений


Этот уникальный, великолепно иллюстрированный атлас-определитель поможет вам по фотографиям и описаниям симптомов поставить правильный диагноз заболеваний и повреждений основных плодовых растений. Для каждой культуры в полном объеме описаны признаки болезней, указаны их возбудители, а также вредители и наносимый ими ущерб, рекомендованы меры профилактики и б..


Атлас-определитель. Защита плодовых, огородных и декоративных растений от болезней и ..


Книга «Защита плодовых, огородных и декоративных растений от болезней и вредителей» адресована самой широкой аудитории: агрономам, фермерам, садоводам-любителям. В ней описаны симптомы каждого заболевания, приведены фотографии вредителей и, главное – указаны эффективные, разрешенные к применению средства защиты растений и оптимальные сроки обработок. Автор э..

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