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Anness Publishing

Complete Illustrated Book of the Electric Guitar

750 грн

This is a step-by-step guide to playing the electric guitar, shown in over 600 photographs, illustrations and exercises. It shows you how to master a range of diverse musical styles, such as funk and disco, heavy rock, indie rock, electric blues, country guitar, jazz, lounge and reggae. It includes a beautifully illustrated directory of over 250 electric gui..

Anness Publishing

How to draw MANGA

470 грн

This practical and inspirational book provides a comprehensive and detailed guide to drawing and painting manga. An excellent introduction to the basics of drawing manga and manga characters...


Opt Art. Від математичної оптимізації до візуального дизайну

640 грн510 грн

Лінійна оптимізація є потужним методом моделювання для виявлення найкращого розв’язання проблеми серед низки доступних альтернатив. Сьогодні це одна з найважливіших галузей математики та інформатики, а також напрочуд багатий засіб для створення захопливих творів мистецтва. «Opt Art» пропонує читачам захопливу розповідь про лінійну оптимізацію та її застосува..

Anness Publishing

Sex: The Ultimate Lover's Guide

580 грн

Sex is one of the most important aspects of human life, and this book has been developed to provide an accessible, easy-to-use manual that will give absolute confidence and assurance, to answer all those questions you have had on your mind but have lacked the opportunity or boldness to ask. It is designed to help all potential lovers to overcome any a..

Anness Publishing

The Complete Illustrated Book of the Acoustic Guitar

750 грн

• A comprehensive introduction to the guitar, including a practical playing manual, a historical overview of the instrument, a directory of over 150 acoustic guitars, and more than 900 photographs and illustrations • An easy-to-follow beginner’s guide to playing the guitar, with a detailed chordfinder and step-by-step instructions for mastering a range..

Anness Publishing

The Complete Illustrated Book of the Electric Guitar (Повна ілюстрована книга про еле..

750 грн

The electric guitar is arguably the most important musical instrument of the modern age. This book explains how to buy the right instrument and set it up, and how to play. It demonstrates basic techniques and chords, and introduces genres such as rock ’n’ roll, jazz, heavy rock, metal and blues. A history section explores the first electric guitars, and..

Anness Publishing

The Illustrated Compendium of Magic Tricks (Ілюстрований збірник фокусів)

850 грн

In this comprehensive new book, Nicholas Einhorn opens with an introduction to the most important events and names in the art’s rich history, from the earliest street performers to the hi-tech shows on television today. There then follows more than 320 tricks, categorized according to type. More than 2300 photographs reveal the skills you need to make..

Anness Publishing

World Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments (Всесвітня енциклопедія музичних інструмент..

490 грн

The art of music-making has existed for thousands of years. This fascinating book begins with a history of music-making, posing the questions "What is music?" and "What is a musical instrument?". A visual directory is organized according to families of instruments: strings, woodwind and brass, percussion and keyboards, as well as a section on the voice. Comp..

Гуманитарный центр

Дизайн моды. Теория и практика

160 грн

Это дискурсивное исследование предлагает студентам, энтузиастам моды и дизайна, всем, кто интересуется дизайном одежды, а также деятелям творческой индустрии междисциплинарную теорию моды и дизайна. Взаимозависимые связи между модой, дизайном и теорией сосредоточены на явных и неявных знаниях о дизайне одежды как социокультурном акте. Тексты вдохновляют на к..


Основи графічного дизайну

820 грн

Алекс В. Вайт пропонує бачення дизайну, що ґрунтується на концепції єдності та взаємодії змістових елементів — і тла, візуально вираженої ідеї — та її обрамлення.«Дизайнерська освіта переважно стосується поєднання старих та створення нових елементів контенту. Вона зосереджується на зв’язках між формами — і вкрай рідко розглядає таку критично важливу частину ..


Психологія танців. Теорія та практика для реалізації вашого потенціалу (Psychology fo..

1990 грн

Psychology for Dancers: Theory and Practice to Fulfil Your Potential examines how psychological theory can be related to dance practice. Aimed at the dancer who wants to maximize their potential but has no grounding in psychology, the book begins with an examination of basic psychological concepts, approaches and methods, before applying theory to dance. ..

Планета музыки

Школа эстрадного вокала + DVD

560 грн

Методика Л. В. Романовой адресована всем желающим научиться пению, в том числе и тем, у кого нет музыкального образования. В методике в единую систему сведены два раздельных момента обучения — тренировка дыхательных мышц, артикуляционного аппарата и формирование вокального звука. Автор книги, опытный преподаватель с большой сценической практикой, успешно ра..


3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft

2500 грн

The possibilities for creation are endless with 3D printing, sculpting, scanning, and milling, and new opportunities are popping up faster than artists can keep up with them. 3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft takes the mystery out of these exciting new processes by demonstrating how to navigate their digital components and showing their real world applicat..


Acoustics and Psychoacoustics

2650 грн

The acoustics of a space can have a real impact on the sounds you create and capture. Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, Fifth Edition provides supportive tools and exercises to help you understand how music sounds and behaves in different spaces, whether during a performance or a recording, when planning a control room or listening space, and how it is perceive..


Building the Modern Church

2200 грн

Fifty years after the Second Vatican Council, architectural historian Robert Proctor examines the transformations in British Roman Catholic church architecture that took place in the two decades surrounding this crucial event. Inspired by new thinking in theology and changing practices of worship, and by a growing acceptance of modern art and architecture, a..

Anness Publishing

Dried Flower Arranging: Over 140 Beautiful Floral Displays

470 грн

Moving far beyond the standard dried-flower display, this book presents a veritable harvest of innovative ideas. From the simplest lavender- and rosebud-filled terracotta pot to breathtaking structures of lichen, leaves and twigs, there are projects here to suit both every taste and every level of ability. Illustrated with over 500 photographs, this book is ..

Anness Publishing

Flower Arranging: A Complete Guide to Creative Floral Arrangements

365 грн

This title features over 150 innovative flower designs in traditional and contemporary styles by a leading floral designer. It teaches the full range of flower arranging techniques in an easy-to-follow format, enabling the reader to create all the designs from the very simple to the elaborate. You can make a classic Tulip Arrangement, Blue and White Tussie M..


Hairdressing: Level 1

1290 грн

For Level 1 Hairdressing students on NVQ, SVQ and VRQ courses. A genuinely new and innovative way for students to study hairdressing, this new textbook is supported with extensive multimedia material and activities at no extra cost. Some books include a few videos and basic materials, but this title comes with over 100 free online resources and activity s..


Hairdressing: Level 2

1331 грн

A genuinely new and innovative way for students to study hairdressing, this new textbook is supported with extensive multimedia material and activities at no extra cost. Some books include a few videos and basic materials, but this book comes with over 250 free activities to improve learning. Online multimedia and multiple-choice questions for on-going asses..


Hairdressing: Level 3

1373 грн

A genuinely new and innovative way for students to study hairdressing, this new textbook is supported with extensive multimedia material and activities at no extra cost. Some books include a few videos and basic materials, but this title comes with over 150 free online resources and activity screens with which to improve learning. Online questions are also i..


Handmade Electronic Music

1664 грн

Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking provides a long-needed, practical, and engaging introduction to the craft of making—as well as creatively cannibalizing—electronic circuits for artistic purposes. With a sense of adventure and no prior knowledge, the reader can subvert the intentions designed into devices such as radios and toys to disco..



1747 грн

First published in 2006. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company...


Live Music Production

1706 грн

This book presents the days of live music production in the UK spanning the late '60s to the mid-'80s, when rock music was enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity. The author, Richard Ames, will take you on a true behind-the-scenes journey of discovery. You’ll learn who the people were, where they came from and how they went on to pioneer the first companies..


The Architecture of Art Museums

2246 грн

As a building type, art museums are unparalleled for the opportunities they provide for architectural investigation and experimentation. They are frequently key components of urban revitalization and often push the limits of building technology. Art museums are places of pleasure, education and contemplation. They are remarkable by their prominence and sheer..

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