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Геофизические исследования скважин. Справочник мастера по промысловой геофизике


Описаны физические основы, области применения и аппаратура для электрических, радиометрических, акустических, гидродинамических, геолого-технологических и других методов исследования нефтяных и газовых скважин. Рассмотрены способы и правила выполнения измерений, основы метрологического, петрофизического и интерпретационного обеспечения геофизических методов ..


Металічні і неметалічні корисні копалини України. В 2-х томах


В монографії приводиться опис родовищ і найзначніших рудопроявів металічних корисних копалин, відомих на території України: чорних металів (заліза, марганцю, хрому, титану, ванадію), кольорових металів (алюмінію, магнію, нікелю, кобальту, міді, свинцю і цинку), рідкісних і рідкісноземельних елементів (літію, рубідію і цезію, берилію, танталу і ніобію, сканді..

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Fire Effects on Soil Properties


Wildland fires are occurring more frequently and affecting more of Earth's surface than ever before. These fires affect the properties of soils and the processes by which they form, but the nature of these impacts has not been well understood. Given that healthy soil is necessary to sustain biodiversity, ecosystems and agriculture, the impact of fire on soil..


Genetics and Breeding of Edible Mushrooms


This text not only explores the breeding problems for Agaricus bisporus, the button mushroom, but approaches the subject in the context of the large range of edible mushrooms which are currently under commercial cultivation worldwide. From the background and general objectives of culture collection and breeding to the genetic systems of edible mushrooms and ..


Soil Chemistry


Provides comprehensive coverage of the chemical interactions among organic and inorganic solids, air, water, microorganisms, and the plant roots in soilThis book focuses on the species and reaction processes of chemicals in soils, with applications to environmental and agricultural issues. Topics range from discussion of fundamental chemical processes to rev..


Volcano and Geothermal Tourism


There are over 1300 active volcanoes worldwide and many more dormant or extinct. Some are developed as tourist destinations; others are not, but have great potential. Mount Fuji in Japan attracts over 100 million visitors per year and has immense cultural and spiritual significance, while a number of volcanic areas in national parks, for example Teide in Spa..

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Waterjetting Technology


Waterjet technology is used in a variety of industries including civil engineering, mining, geotechnical engineering, tunnelling, defence, construction and conservation. This book is essential reading for all those engaged in waterjet technology - from manufacturers of the equipment through to Government Contracting Officers who let the awards, to the indivi..

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