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Airport Handling Manual, 39 Edition, 2019


The IATA AHM has been developed to assist the industry in the provision of safe, effective and quality services at a lower cost. Airport Operations topics cover: Passenger Handling, Baggage Handling, Cargo and Mail Handling, Aircraft Handling and Loading, Load Control, Airside Management and Safety, Aircraft Movement Control, Ground Handling Agreements, Airp..


Chevrolet Aveo 2 с 2005года. Руководство по ремонту


В книге изложено описание работ по техническому обслуживанию и ремонту автомобилей Chevrolet Aveo с кузовом седан (с 2005 г. в.), оборудованных бензиновыми двигателями объёмом 1.5 и 1.6л. Все рабочие операции сопровождаются фотографиями и подробными комментариями, что позволяет экономить время, силы и средства, а также свести к минимуму риск повреждения техн..


Chevrolet Aveo с 2003года. Руководство по ремонту


Данное руководство содержит общие сведения об устройстве автомобиля Chevrolet Aveo с 2003 г. выпуска, и его модификаций, содержание и периодичность работ по техническому обслуживанию, описание основных видов работ по ремонту двигателя, трансмиссии, ходовой части и электрооборудования. Особое внимание в пособии уделено ремонту двигателя, сцепления, трансмисси..


Ground Operations Manual, 8 edition, 2019


IGOM has been developed in response to industry demands for enhanced ground operational safety and damage reduction.This is the core manual for all ground operations and provides standard procedures for the frontline personnel.The AHM & the IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM) are now stand-alone, interdependent products which are also available as combo..


IATA Cargo Handling Manual (ICHM): 2019 [paper]


The IATA Cargo Handling Manual (CHM) is a complete set of standards for everyone involved in cargo operations. The CHM helps airlines and cargo handlers to operate more effectively together, to improve efficiency and safety in air cargo operation?Streamline and align all cargo handling procedures and current best practices in one place.Use the Cargo Service ..


IATA Lithium Batteries Shipping Guidelines (LBSG): 2019 [paper]


Lithium batteries have become the preferred energy source to power a wide variety of consumer goods ranging from mobile phones to children’s toys to e-bikes. Though widely used, most people are not aware that lithium batteries are dangerous goods and can pose a safety risk if not prepared in compliance with the transport regulations.The transport regulations..


ICAO Doc 9284. Технические инструкции по безопасной перевозке опасных грузов по возду..


Издание 2017-2018г., на русском языке. Технические инструкции ИКАО по безопасной воздушной перевозке опасных грузов содержат поправки и соответствуют последним пересмотренным Рекомендациям Организации Объединенных Наций по перевозке опасных грузов...


ICAO Doc 9481 – Emergency Response Guidance for Aircraft Incidents involving Dangerou..


The ICAO ERG provides guidance to States and operators for developing procedures and policies for dealing with dangerous goods incidents on board aircraft. It contains general information on the factors that may need to be considered when dealing with any dangerous goods incident and provides specific emergency response drill codes each item listed in the Te..


ICAO Performance-based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS) Manual (Doc 9869) – 2nd ..


Guidance material is to explain the concept of RCP, identify RCP requirements applicable to the provision and use of air traffic services, and provide a basis for the application of RCP in a specified airspace.Available in English, French, Spanish and Russian...


IMO Fire Safety Systems (FSS) Code


This publication presents engineering specifications for fire safety equipment and systems required by SOLAS chapter II-2 concerning:* international shore connections* personnel protection* fire extinguishers* fixed gas fire-extinguishing systems* fixed foam fire-extinguishing systems* fixed pressure water-spraying and*ater-mist fire-extinguishing systems* f..


IMO IBC Code: 2016


IMO International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships carrying Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk (IBC Code)The purpose of this Code is to provide an international standard for the safe carriage, in bulk by sea, of dangerous chemicals and noxious liquid substances listed in chapter 17 of the Code. The Code prescribes the design and construction standar..




International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases in BulkProvide an international standard for the safe carriage, by sea in bulk, of liquefied gases and certain other substances that are listed in chapter 19. Through consideration of the products carried, it prescribes the design and construction standards of the ships i..




International Code of Safety for Ships using Gases or other Low-flashpoint Fuels (IGF CODE), 2016 editionProvide an international standard for ships using low flashpoint fuel, other than ships covered by the IGC Code. The basic philosophy of this Code is to provide mandatory provisions for the arrangement, installation, control and monitoring of machinery, e..


IMO IMDG Code Supplement


The IMDG Code Supplement has following chapters:ForewordThe EmS Guide: Emergency Response Procedures for Ships Carrying Dangerous GoodsMedical First Aid Guide for Use in Accidents Involving Dangerous Goods (MFAG)Reporting ProceduresIMO/ILO/UNECE Guidelines for packing of cargo transport units (CTUs)Pesticides?Revised Recommendations on the safe use of pestic..


IMO International Maritime Dangerous Goods


IMO International Maritime Dangerous Goods – IMDG (2 volumes)2018 Edition – inc. Amendment 39-18Many maritime countries have taken steps to regulate the carriage of dangerous goods by sea, based on the safety considerations set out in parts A and A-1 of chapter VII of the 1974 SOLAS Convention, as amended. More recently, as marine pollution has become a..


IMO International Safety Management (ISM) Code & Guidelines


IMO International Safety Management (ISM) Code with guidelines for its implementation, 2018 EditionProvides an international standard for the safe management and operation of ships and for pollution prevention. It is an essential reference for maritime administrations, shipowners and operators, shipping companies, training providers and education instit..


IMO SOLAS Consolidated Edition


The Solas is the most important International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, which covers a wide range of measures designed to improve the safety of shipping.Also is it one of the oldest of its kind: the first version was adopted in 1914 following the sinking of the Titanic with the loss of more than 1,500 lives. Since then there have been f..


Infectious Substances Shipping Guidelines (ISSG) 15th edition


This book contains all information you need to know about shipping infectious substances safely: How you properly learn and understand to ship infectious substances by any mode of transport anywhere in the world. The ISSG are outlined in a convenient, easy-to-read manual with up-to-date information including all the changes to the ICAO Technical Instructions..


Live Animals Regulations 45 Edition 2019


The IATA Live Animals Regulations (LAR) is the global standard and the essential guide to transporting animals by air in a safe, humane and in a cost-effective manner. Whether you are a shipper, a freight forwarder, an airline, or an animal care professional, the LAR is a must for transporting animals humanely and in compliance with airline regulations and a..


MAN 19.292/19.332/19.362. Руководство по ремонту


Руководство по ремонту и техническому обслуживанию грузовых автомобилей Man модели 19.292, 19.332, 19.362 с двигателями объемом 12 литров. В книге приведены размеры деталей сборки двигателей и ремонтные размеры всех деталей. Имеется обширный справочный материал технических характеристик двигателей и параметров необходимых для их регулировки. Раздел электрооб..


Passenger Services Conference Resolutions Manual, 38 edition, 2018/19


All rules & regulations agreed upon by airlines to process passengers and baggage in the international interline environment are contained in this manual. Also includes procedures for reservations, passenger and baggage check-in and ticket issuance, specifications for baggage tag and ticketing and various multilateral interline agreements and other passenge..


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Навчальний посібник з англійської мови професійного спрямування складається з тематичних розділів, що містять базову термінологію, автентичні тексти, комплекс комунікативних лексико-граматичних вправ, передтекстовий термінологічний англо-українсько-російський вокабуляр та додаткові тексти для самостійного опрацювання. Для студентів напряму підготовки 6...


Shaanxi: експлуатація, техобслуговування, каталог


В автокниге представлен каталог запасных частей автомобиля Шанкси, инструкция по эксплуатации и техническому обслуживанию автомобиля, двигателя WD615 и самосвальных установок...


Standard Schedules Information Manual. 28 Edition, 2018/19


The Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM) is constituted under IATA Passenger Services Conference Recommended Practice 1761b. The Manual is designed to help originators and recipients of schedule information in terms of electronic data processing and conventional manual message procedures. Its use is encouraged for all IATA Member airlines and their b..

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