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Визуальные коммуникации в рекламе и дизайне


Коллективная монография посвящена вопросам теории и практики создания дизайнерского и рекламного образов в контексте эффективных визуальных коммуникаций. Показаны области пересечения и дифференциации дизайна и рекламы - как графического языка и рекламного обращения. Графический дизайн представлен как проектирование сообщения в сфере визуальных коммуникаций, ..


Комп’ютерна графіка: AUTOCAD


Посібник написано відповідно програми курсу “Комп’ютерна графіка” для студентів напряму підготовки „Технологічна освіта” і охоплює всі її розділи. В ньому описано сутність комп’ютерної графіки, команди та функції системи AutoCAD, подано приклади, які ілюструють прийоми роботи з програмою. В навчальному посібнику містяться 14 лабораторних робіт із покроковими..


Комп’ютерна графіка: SolidWorks


В навчальному посібнику описано сутність комп’ютерної графіки, команди та функції системи SolidWorks, подано приклади, які ілюструють прийоми роботи з програмою. Також містяться 10 лабораторних робіт із покроковими сценаріями виконання типових завдань в SolidWorks. Посібник призначений для студентів вищих навчальних закладів із метою надання методичної допом..

Львівська політехніка

Програмування комп’ютерної графіки та мультимедійні засоби


Посібник містить теоретичний та практичний матеріал із дисциплін “Засоби програмування комп’ютерної графіки” та “Програмування мультимедійних систем”. У його першій частині викладено базові принципи розроблення і програмування систем комп’ютерної графіки як однієї зі складових мультимедіа, друга присвячена власне мультимедіа – моделям організації, структурі ..


3D Filmmaking


A visual book for the visual artist, 3D Filmmaking: Techniques and Best Practices for Stereoscopic Filmmakers provides a comprehensive overview of the theory, language, and methods behind stereoscopic 3D filmmaking, all in one package. Celebrated 3D filmmaker Celine Tricart explores every facet of the art, from the technical to the practical, including: 3D ..


3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft


The possibilities for creation are endless with 3D printing, sculpting, scanning, and milling, and new opportunities are popping up faster than artists can keep up with them. 3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft takes the mystery out of these exciting new processes by demonstrating how to navigate their digital components and showing their real world applicat..

CRC Press

3D Visualization Handbook


Create winning photorealistic renders quickly and efficiently using AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max and Photoshop in this all-in-one guide to starting and finishing high-end visualization projects. Veteran 3D artist James Barry takes users step-by-step through entire streamlined workflows to produce state-of-the-art illustrations for the interior design and architect..

CRC Press

3ds Max Modeling for Games


Learn how to model comic-style a la Pixar with the expert techniques found in 3ds Max Modeling for Games: An Insider’s Guide to Stylized Modeling. This new volume will show you the ins-and-outs of stylized modeling, including characters, vehicles, environments, and much more. Follow the story of cover characters Robert and Robot as their adventure takes you ..

CRC Press

Building Virtual Reality with Unity and Steam VR


Building Virtual Reality with Unity and Steam VR takes a hands-on approach to getting up and running with virtual reality using the Unity game engine. By utilizing the free SteamVR 2.x libraries, this book and its example code are compatible with the main virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays currently available. This book also looks at some of the..

CRC Press

Dermoscopy Image Analysis


Dermoscopy is a noninvasive skin imaging technique that uses optical magnification and either liquid immersion or cross-polarized lighting to make subsurface structures more easily visible when compared to conventional clinical images. It allows for the identification of dozens of morphological features that are particularly important in identifying malignan..

CRC Press

Game Engine Architecture, Third Edition


In this new and improved third edition of the highly popular Game Engine Architecture, Jason Gregory draws on his nearly two decades of experience at Midway, Electronic Arts and Naughty Dog to present both the theory and practice of game engine software development. In this book, the broad range of technologies and techniques used by AAA game studios are eac..


Getting Started in 3D with Maya


Deliver professional-level 3D content in no time with this comprehensive guide to 3D animation with Maya. With over 12 years of training experience, plus several award winning students under his belt, author Adam Watkins is the ideal mentor to get you up to speed with 3D in Maya. Using a structured and pragmatic approach Getting Started in 3D with Maya begi..

CRC Press

Handbook of Mobile Broadcasting DVB-H, DMB, ISDB-T, AND MEDIAFLO


Operators are introducing mobile television and digital video content services globally. The Handbook of Mobile Broadcasting addresses all aspects of these services, providing a comprehensive reference on DVB-H, DMB, ISDB-T, and MediaFLO. Featuring contributions from experts in the field, the text presents technical standards and distribution protocols, offe..


Handmade Electronic Music


Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking provides a long-needed, practical, and engaging introduction to the craft of making—as well as creatively cannibalizing—electronic circuits for artistic purposes. With a sense of adventure and no prior knowledge, the reader can subvert the intentions designed into devices such as radios and toys to disco..


Holistic Mobile Game Development with Unity


Holistic Mobile Game Development with Unity: An All-In-One Guide to Implementing Mechanics, Art Design and Programming for iOS and Android Games Master mobile game design and development in this all-in-one guide to creating iOS and Android games in the cutting-edge game engine, Unity. By using Penny de Byl’s holistic method, you will learn about the princip..


Live Music Production


This book presents the days of live music production in the UK spanning the late '60s to the mid-'80s, when rock music was enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity. The author, Richard Ames, will take you on a true behind-the-scenes journey of discovery. You’ll learn who the people were, where they came from and how they went on to pioneer the first companies..

CRC Press

Making Music with Computers


Teach Your Students How to Use Computing to Explore Powerful and Creative Ideas In the twenty-first century, computers have become indispensable in music making, distribution, performance, and consumption. Making Music with Computers: Creative Programming in Python introduces important concepts and skills necessary to generate music with computers. It inter..


Mixing Audio


Mixing Audio: Concepts, Practices, and Tools, Third Edition is a vital read for anyone wanting to succeed in the field of mixing. This book covers the entire mixing process – from fundamental concepts to advanced techniques. Packed full of photos, graphs, diagrams, and audio samples, it teaches the importance of a mixing vision, how to craft and evaluate you..


Principles of Game Audio and Sound Design


Principles of Game Audio and Sound Design is a comprehensive introduction to the art of sound for games and interactive media using Unity. This accessible guide encompasses both the conceptual challenges of the artform as well as the technical and creative aspects, such as sound design, spatial audio, scripting, implementation and mixing. Beginning with bas..

CRC Press

Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing


This second edition of Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing is updated with new chapters and new authors, but it’s still a no-nonsense guide to the professional craft of writing for video games. Not only does the text cover story and narrative elements, but it also addresses dialogue, documentation, and strategy guides. Seasoned video game writers ..


Representing Landscapes: Digital


Most landscape architectural designs now include some form of digital representation - but there is much more scope for creativity beyond the standard Photoshop montages. In this new book on representing landscapes, Nadia Amoroso brings together contributions from some of the leading landscape departments in the world to explore the variety in digital illust..


Social Communication in Advertising


Newly updated for the digital era, this classic textbook provides a comprehensive historical study of advertising and its function within contemporary society by tracing advertising's influence throughout different media and cultural periods, from early magazines through to social media. With several new chapters on the rise of the Internet, mobile, and soci..


Sports Videogames


From Pong to Madden NFL to Wii Fit, Sports Videogames argues for the multiple ways that sports videogames—alongside televised and physical sports—impact one another, and how players and viewers make sense of these multiple forms of play and information in their daily lives. Through case studies, ethnographic explorations, interviews and surveys, and by analy..


Storytelling for Virtual Reality


Storytelling for Virtual Reality serves as a bridge between students of new media and professionals working between the emerging world of VR technology and the art form of classical storytelling. Rather than examining purely the technical, the text focuses on the narrative and how stories can best be structured, created, and then told in virtual immersive sp..

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