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Advanced Structural Dynamics


Building on the author’s Structural Mechanics Fundamentals, this text presents a complete and uniform treatment of the more advanced topics in structural mechanics, ranging from beam frames to shell structures, from dynamics to buckling analysis, from plasticity to fracture mechanics, from long-span to high-rise civil structures. Plane frames Statically ..


Building Construction Handbook


Ideal for students on all construction courses Topics presented concisely in plain language and with clear drawings Updated to include revisions to Building and Construction regulations The Building Construction Handbook is THE authoritative reference for all construction students and professionals. Its detailed drawings clearly illustrate the constructio..


Building Systems in Interior Design


Building Systems in Interior Design takes an entirely new approach to teaching this essential topic for Architects, Designers and Building Engineers. Written to prepare students for the real world and packed with practical examples, the book will foster an understanding of specific issues that are critical to those features of technical systems that most dir..

CRC Press

Concrete Pavement Design, Construction, and Performance


This second edition of Concrete Pavement Design, Construction, and Performance provides a solid foundation for pavement engineers seeking relevant and applicable design and construction instruction. It relies on general principles instead of specific ones, and incorporates illustrative case studies and prime design examples to highlight the material. It pres..

CRC Press

Concrete Segmental Bridges


Segmental concrete bridges have become one of the main options for major transportation projects world-wide. They offer expedited construction with minimal traffic disruption, lower life cycle costs, appealing aesthetics and adaptability to a curved roadway alignment. The literature is focused on construction, so this fills the need for a design-oriented boo..


Construction Contracts


The fifth edition of this bestselling textbook has been thoroughly revised to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of the legislation, administration and management of construction contracts. It now includes comparisons of working with JCT, NEC3, and FIDIC contracts throughout. Introducing this topic at the core of construction law and m..


Construction Materials


This established textbook provides an understanding of materials’ behaviour through knowledge of their chemical and physical structure. It covers the main classes of construction materials: metals, concrete, other ceramics (including bricks and masonry), polymers, fibre composites, bituminous materials, timber, and glass. It provides a clear and comprehensiv..


Craig's Soil Mechanics


Now in its eighth edition, this bestselling text continues to blend clarity of explanation with depth of coverage to present students with the fundamental principles of soil mechanics. From the foundations of the subject through to its application in practice, Craig’s Soil Mechanics provides an indispensable companion to undergraduate courses and beyond. ..


Engineering Noise Control


This classic and authoritative student textbook contains information that is not over simplified and can be used to solve the real world problems encountered by noise and vibration consultants as well as the more straightforward ones handled by engineers and occupational hygienists in industry. The book covers the fundamentals of acoustics, theoretical conce..


Exterior Building Enclosures: Design Process and Composition for Innovative Facades


A comprehensive guide to the design and execution of sophisticated exterior building enclosuresFocused on the design process for architects and related professionals, this book addresses the design and execution of sophisticated exterior building enclosures for a number of commercial building types and in a variety of building materials. It focuses on the de..


Geology: Basics for Engineers


Geology – Basics for Engineers (second edition) presents the physical and chemical characteristics of the Earth, the nature and the properties of rocks and unconsolidated deposits/sediments, the action of water, how the Earth is transformed by various phenomena at different scales of time and space. The book shows the engineer how to take geological conditio..


Introduction to Tunnel Construction


Tunnelling provides a robust solution to a variety of engineering challenges. It is a complex process, which requires a firm understanding of the ground conditions as well as the importance of ground-structure interaction. This book covers the full range of areas related to tunnel construction required to embark upon a career in tunnelling. It also includes ..


Materials for Architects and Builders


Materials for Architects and Builders provides a clear and concise introduction to the broad range of materials used within the construction industry and covers the essential details of their manufacture, key physical properties, specification and uses. Understanding the basics of materials is a crucial part of undergraduate and diploma construction or ar..


Metric Handbook


Significantly updated in reference to the latest construction standards and new building types Sustainable design integrated into chapters throughout Over half of the entire book has now been updated since 2015 Over 100,000 copies sold to successive generations of architects and designers This book belongs in every design office. The Metric Handbook i..


Structural Design from First Principles


This enlightening textbook for undergraduates on civil engineering degree courses explains structural design from its mechanical principles, showing the speed and simplicity of effective design from first principles. This text presents good approximate solutions to complex design problems, such as "Wembley-Arch" type structures, the design of thin-walled st..


Structural Engineer's Pocket Book


Functions as a Day-to-Day Resource for Practicing Engineers… The hugely useful Structural Engineer’s Pocket Book is now overhauled and revised in line with the Eurocodes. It forms a comprehensive pocket reference guide for professional and student structural engineers, especially those taking the IStructE Part 3 exam. With stripped-down basic material—tab..


Sustainable Facades: Design Methods for High-Performance Building Envelopes


Practical information on designing sustainable, energy-efficient building facadesAs energy and other natural resources are being depleted, it has become clear that technologies and strategies that allow us to maintain our satisfaction with interior environments while consuming less of these resources are major objectives of contemporary facade design. S..


The Construction of Houses


The fifth edition of this successful textbook is aimed specifically at those students and practitioners who require a broad understanding of building construction as part of a wider sphere of professional activity. The book provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practice of modern construction and services. New to this edition are: ..


Understanding Housing Defects


Understanding Housing Defects provides a concise, coherent and comprehensive introduction to the causes, investigation and diagnosis of defects in domestic buildings. For this new edition, many of the chapters have been substantially updated and new photographs have been added. There are four new chapters covering: How defects are defined An overview ..


Understanding JCT Standard Building Contracts


This tenth edition of David Chappell’s bestselling guide has been revised to take into account changes made in 2016 to payment provisions, loss and/or expense, insurance and many other smaller but significant changes, and includes a section on performance bonds and guarantees. This remains the most concise guide available to the most commonly used JCT buildi..

Аграрна освіта

Інженерна геодезія


Висвітлено основні теоретичні та практичні положення з основ геодезії та інженерної геодезії з вивчення будови і повірок геодезичних інструментів, розкрито принципи особливостей виконання геодезичних розмічувальних робіт, методи виконання лінійних і кутових вимірювань, вимірювання перевищень, камерального опрацювання матеріалів польових вимірювань. Розглянут..

Львівська політехніка

Інженерна екологія. Загальний курс. Частина 1


Очищення твердих газових та рідинних середовищ від забруднень з метою охорони навколишнього середовища вимагає впровадження технологічних процесів, які ґрунтуються на одинарних процесах. Одинарні процеси є суттю інженерної екології. Розглянуто загальні закономірності процесів, в основу яких покладено закони збереження, термодинамічної рівноваги та перенесенн..

Львівська політехніка

Інженерна екологія. Загальний курс. Частина 2


Наведено одинарні процеси природоохоронних технологій, в основу яких покладено дифузійні, хімічні та біологічні методи. До дифузійних процесів належать сорбційні (абсорбція, хемосорбція, адсорбція, йонний обмін), рідинна екстракція, ректифікація, процеси за участі твердої фази (розчинення, екстрагування, кристалізація, сушіння), мембранні методи розділення. ..


Аварии, дефекты и усиление железобетонных и каменных конструкций в вопросах и ответах


В учебном пособии приведен анализ наиболее распространенных ошибок, допускаемых строителями и проектировщиками, изложены основы диагностики дефектов и повреждений и принципы усиления железобетонных и каменных конструкций. Книга предназначена для инженеров-строителей, работающих на стройплощадках и в проектных организаций, а также для студентов вузов строител..

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