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British Gardens


Garden design began in West Asia and spread through Europe. This book tells how, in the British Isles, it flourished to an extraordinary degree. Following the historical method in Tom Turner’s books on Asian gardens (2010) and European gardens (2011), it uses almost 1000 colour photographs, plans and style diagrams to provide a word and image history of gar..


Captured Landscape


The enclosed garden, or hortus conclusus, is a place where architecture and landscape come together. It has a long and varied history, ranging from the early paradise garden and cloister, the botanic garden and giardini segreto, the kitchen garden and as a stage for social display. The enclosed garden has continued to develop into its many modern forms: the ..


Construction Detailing for Landscape and Garden Design


Following on from the author’s previous book, Construction Detailing for Landscape and Garden Design: Surfaces, Steps and Margins, this book, Construction Detailing for Landscape and Garden Design: Urban Water Features, provides clear instruction for the construction of small to medium scale water features. With over 130 black and white CAD designs, Hensey ..


European Gardens


Garden design and usage has been a feature of human civilization as far back as Neolithic times, when the first gardens began to be used for residential, horticultural and sacred tasks. Tom Turner follows the entire history of the European garden from its prehistoric roots right up to the present day in this beautifully illustrated book. European Gardens is..


Fieldwork in Landscape Architecture




Flowers and Gardens Of Japan


First Published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company...


Great City Parks


Great City Parks is a celebration of some of the finest achievements of landscape architecture in the public realm. It is a comparative study of thirty significant public parks in major cities across Western Europe and North America. Collectively, they give a clear picture of why parks have been created, how they have been designed, how they are managed, and..


Healthy Homes


It is widely acknowledged that there is an urgent need to transform our housing stock to a better energy performance level. However, improving energy performance should not result in a negative impact on the health, wellbeing and the comfort of building occupants. There are many energy-neutral features that can be incorporated at small or zero cost which hav..


Landscape Architect's Pocket Book


An indispensable tool for all landscape architects, this time-saving guide answers the most frequently asked questions in one pocket-sized volume. It is a concise, easy-to-read reference that gives instant access to a wide range of information needed on a daily basis, both out on site and in the office. Covering all the major topics, including hard landsc..


Landscapes, Identities and Development


Bringing together theoretical and empirical research from 22 countries in Europe, North America, Australia, South America and Japan, this book offers a state-of-the-art survey of conceptual and methodological research and planning issues relating to landscape, heritage, [and] development. It has 30 chapters grouped in four main thematic sections: landscapes ..


Planting Design


Landscape designers have long understood the use of plants to provide beauty, aesthetic pleasure and visual stimulation while supporting a broad range of functional goals. However, the potential for plants in the landscape to elicit human involvement and provide mental stimulation and restoration is much less well understood.  This book meshes the art of pl..

Anness Publishing

Practical Guide to Pruning, Training and Topiary


A clear and expert how-to guide to pruning and training ornamental and fruiting plants, with 970 informative photographs and illustrations, and a directory of plants and how to prune them. A helpful introduction, covering basic principles and techniques, is followed by chapters arranged by plant type. Each one includes practical advice, illustrated with step..


Representing Landscapes


The fourth book in Nadia Amoroso‘s Representing Landscapes series, this text focuses on traditional methods of visual representation in landscape architectural education. Building on from the previous titles in the series, which look at digital and hybrid techniques, Representing Landscapes: Analogue is a return to the basic foundations of landscape architec..


Representing Landscapes: Digital


Most landscape architectural designs now include some form of digital representation - but there is much more scope for creativity beyond the standard Photoshop montages. In this new book on representing landscapes, Nadia Amoroso brings together contributions from some of the leading landscape departments in the world to explore the variety in digital illust..


Representing Landscapes: Hybrid


Hybrid and mixed media create a huge variety of diagramming and drawing options for landscape representation. From Photoshop mixed with digital maps, to hand drawings overlaid with photos and modelling combined with sketches, the possibilities are endless. In this book, Amoroso curates over 20 leading voices from around the world to showcase the best in con..

Anness Publishing

The Complete Practical Book of Bonsai


The essential guide to the selection, cultivation and presentation of miniature trees and shrubs, with over 800 photographsThe ancient art of creating perfectly formed miniature trees is clearly explained in this practical book. An expert introduction describes the best trees and shrubs to use and the importance of bonsai size, proportion and aesthetics. The..

Anness Publishing

The Complete Practical Encyclopedia of Bonsai


Bonsai, an ancient tradition with its origins in China, is a fascinating 'living art' that captures the beauty and strength of trees and shrubs in miniature. Developed as a fine art form in Japan, it inspires and intrigues gardeners the world over.Starting with a fascinating introduction to bonsai, the book defines and describes this ancient craft, explainin..


The Planting Design Handbook


Since the first edition was published in 1992, Nick Robinson's The Planting Design Handbook has been widely used as a definitive text on landscape architecture courses throughout the world. It remains one of the few titles written by a practicing landscape architect and educator who is also a horticulturalist and accomplished plantsman, and which deals with ..

Anness Publishing

The Ultimate Container Gardener


This guide to successful gardening in containers, outside and inside, assumes little or no gardening experience. Projects are presented with step-by-step photographs and the techniques are clearly explained, including advice on selecting plants to suit the location as well as general care and maintenance. There are ideas for unusual planters and materials - ..


To Design Landscape


To Design Landscape sets out a distinctively practical philosophy of design, in accessible format. Based on the notion that landscape design is a form-based craft addressing environmental processes and utility, Dee establishes a framework for approaching such craft with modesty and ingenuity, using the concept of "aesthetics of thrift". Employing numerous c..


Urban Experience and Design


Embracing a biological and evolutionary perspective to explain the human experience of place, Urban Experience and Design explores how cognitive science and biometric tools provide an evidence-based foundation for architecture and planning. Aiming to promote the creation of a healthier and happier public realm, this book describes how unconscious processing,..

Новий світ-2000

Історія ландшафтної архітектури


У підручнику висвітлений історичний процес розвитку ландшафтної архітектури від стародавніх до новітніх часів. Розглядаються теоретичні аспекти стильової еволюції формування відкритих просторів та композиційної побудови об’єктів ландшафтної архітектури. Розкриваються сучасні тенденції гуманізації убранізованих ландшафтів, використання іноваційних технологій,..


Азбука ландшафтного дизайна


Эта книга в первую очередь предназначена для тех, кто любит растения и с удовольствием за ними ухаживает. Она поможет цветоводам обустроить сад, который служил бы источником прекрасного времяпрепровождения и работы по душе. Книга будет интересна и владельцам взрослых садов, которые хотят в них что-то изменить. Вы поймете, как, сохранив аромат и прелесть ..


Альпинарии, горки, каменистые сады


Прекрасная книга Ю. Б. Марковского посвящена созданию каменистых садов. Автор ненавязчиво и с большим вкусом формирует у читателя образы самых разнообразных садов с композициями из камней – от простейших горок до альпинариев и сложных фантазийных рокариев со скалами, каскадами и водопадами, а затем в деталях рассказывает, как воплотить их в жизнь. Основанные..

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У цьому розділі представлені книги з розробки та втілення ландшафтного дизайну, вирощування та догляду за різними рослинами (трояндами, гортензіями, клематисами, травами, кущами). Також тут можна знайти книги з лісознавства та паркознавства.

Ландшафтний дизайн - це спосіб оформлення земельної ділянки. Зазвичай займається цією справою спеціаліст - ландшафтний дизайнер. Проект оформлення ділянки відбувається таким чином: спочатку замовник обговорює з дизайнером побажання щодо стилю саду або парку та закладає бюджет, потім спеціаліст оцінює розміри ділянки та якість ґрунту. Наступним кроком іде створення ескізів та розробка плану-проекту.

Відповідно до побажань клієнта, характеристик ґрунту та місцевості, у якій розташована ділянка, дизайнер створює композицію, до якої можуть входити альпійські гірки, водойми (ставки, фонтани, болота), дерева, кущі, квіти та трав'янисті рослини. Якщо власник саду або парку має достатньо часу та коштів на догляд за ним, то спеціаліст може обрати екзотичні квіти для оформлення ділянки. У інших випадках обирають невибагливі багатолітні рослини, а акцент роблять на декоративних елементах на кшталт фонтанів, каменів, скульптур або іншого.

Вартість роботи ландшафтного дизайнера залежить від складності проекту, розміру ділянки, якості матеріалів.