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A Handbook on Low-Energy Buildings and District-Energy Systems


Winner of Choice Magazine - Outstanding Academic Titles for 2007 Buildings account for over one third of global energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Reducing energy use by buildings is therefore an essential part of any strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and thereby lessen the likelihood of potentially catastrophic climate ..

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Automotive Power Systems


Vehicles are intrinsically linked to our lives. This book covers all technical details of the vehicle electrification process, with focus on power electronics. The main challenge in vehicle electrification consists of replacing the engine-based mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic ancillary energy sources with electrical energy processed through an electromag..




This will be a comprehensive multi-contributed reference work, with the Editors being highly regarded alternative fuels experts from India and Switzerland. There will be a strong orientation toward production of biofuels covering such topics as biodiesel from renewable sources, biofuels from biomass, vegetable based feedstocks from biofuel production, global..


Design of Low-temperature Domestic Heating Systems


Low-temperature systems can improve energy efficiency and hence reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. There is growing interest in low-temperature hydronic central heating systems, ie those where water is used as the medium to distribute heat around the building, and in which the water leaving the heat generator is limited to a lower temperature than in..


Drilling And Completion In Petroleum Engineering


Modern petroleum and petrotechnical engineering is increasingly challenging due to the inherently scarce and decreasing number of global petroleum resources. Exploiting these resources efficiently will require researchers, scientists, engineers and other practitioners to develop innovative mathematical solutions to serve as basis for new asset development de..


Electrical and Electronic Principles and Technology


This practical resource introduces electrical and electronic principles and technology covering theory through detailed examples, enabling students to develop a sound understanding of the knowledge required by technicians in fields such as electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications. No previous background in engineering is assumed, making thi..


Electrical Installation Work


This highly successful book is now updated in line with the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations. Electrical Installation Work provides a topic by topic progression through the areas of electrical installations, including how and why electrical installations are designed, installed and tested. Additional content in this edition includes detail on LED light..


Electrical Installation Work: Level 2


Updated in line with the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations and written specifically for the EAL Diploma in Electrical Installation, this book has a chapter dedicated to each unit of the EAL syllabus, allowing you to master each topic before moving on to the next. This new edition also includes information on LED lighting. End of chapter revision questio..


Electrical Installation Work: Level 3


Updated in line with the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations and written specifically for the EAL Diploma in Electrical Installation, this book has a chapter dedicated to each unit of the EAL syllabus, allowing you to master each topic before moving on to the next. This new edition also includes a section on LED lighting. End of chapter revision questions..


Electrical Power Transmission System Engineering


Electrical Power Transmission System Engineering: Analysis and Design is devoted to the exploration and explanation of modern power transmission engineering theory and practice. Designed for senior-level undergraduate and beginning-level graduate students, the book serves as a text for a two-semester course or, by judicious selection, the material may be con..


Handbook of Bioenergy Crops


Biomass currently accounts for about fifteen per cent of global primary energy consumption and is playing an increasingly important role in the face of climate change, energy and food security concerns. Handbook of Bioenergy Crops is a unique reference and guide, with extensive coverage of more than eighty of the main bioenergy crop species. For each it g..

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Heat Exchanger Design Handbook


Completely revised and updated to reflect current advances in heat exchanger technology, Heat Exchanger Design Handbook, Second Edition includes enhanced figures and thermal effectiveness charts, tables, new chapter, and additional topics––all while keeping the qualities that made the first edition a centerpiece of information for practicing engineers, resea..

CRC Press

Heat Pumps for Cold Climate Heating


Air source heat pumps are mainly used for space heating, and have the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, and comfort. Written by a leading heat pump technology expert, this book summarizes the research and applications of variable volume ratio two-stage vapor compression air source heat pump technology, and its use in cold climate regions..


Petroleum Reservoir Rock And Fluid Properties


A strong foundation in reservoir rock and fluid properties is the backbone of almost all the activities in the petroleum industry. Suitable for undergraduate students in petroleum engineering, Petroleum Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties, Second Edition offers a well-balanced, in-depth treatment of the fundamental concepts and practical aspects that encompa..


Renewable Energy Engineering and Technology


This is the most comprehensive guide ever written on renewables technology and engineering, intended to cater for the rapidly growing numbers of present and future engineers who are keen to lead the revolution. All the main sectors are covered - photovoltaics, solar thermal, wind, bioenergy, hydro, wave/tidal, geothermal - progressing from the fundamental ph..


Solar Photovoltaic Power Optimization


This book focuses on the rapidly maturing solar photovoltaic (PV) industry, which is achieving an ever-increasing share of U.S. and global power production. There is a growing need for all stakeholders – owners, maintenance technicians, utilities, and installers – to fully understand the operations and maintenance of PV systems, and how to monitor and diagn..

CRC Press

Thermodynamics and Heat Power


The ninth edition of Thermodynamics and Heat Power offers a revised sequence of thermodynamics concepts, processes, and energy systems, to enable learning outcomes for Engineering and Engineering Technology students taking an introductory course. Built around an easily understandable approach, this updated text focuses on thermodynamics fundamentals, and exp..


Альтернативні палива


У підручнику викладено систематизований матеріал щодо виробництва і застосування альтернативних палив і видів енергії. Розглянуто екологічні питання енергетичної галузі, а також питання акумулювання енергію. Проведено порівняльну характеристику різних видів альтернативних палив. Для студентів вищих навчальних закладів...


Анализ масел. Основы и применение


Обновленное и расширенное 2-е издание полностью посвящено анализу базовых масел, методам контроля и их практическому применению в различных отраслях. Приведена классификация базовых масел, их основной состав, свойства исходного сырья и присадок. Рассмотрены вопросы загрязнения масел типовыми источниками, даны рекомендации по выбору очистных фильтров и способ..


Анализ нефтепродуктов


Предлагаем Вам единственное современное русскоязычное издание, полностью посвящённое анализу нефтепродуктов. В переводе последнего 8-го издания представлены спецификации широкого ряда нефтепродуктов и современные методы анализа, с учетом их последних обновлений. В справочном руководстве всесторонне описываются методики отбора проб, показатели и методы контро..


Анализ нефти. Справочник


Вниманию читателей предлагается уникальный справочник на русском языке, полностью посвященный вопросу анализа нефти. Книга содержит информацию о химических, физических, оптических, электрических и термических свойствах нефти. Все методы анализа описаны в соответствии с действующими международными стандартами и снабжены комментариями и пояснениями. Отдельные ..


Англо-український та українсько-англійський нафтогазовий словник


Словник містить терміни та вислови, що стосуються нафтогазової індустрії; геології нафти та газу, підземної гідрогазомеханіки, фізики пласта, буріння свердловин, видобування й транспортування нафти та газу. Подано також морську нафтогазову термінологію. Для інженерно-технічних працівників, студентів, аспірантів і викладачів університетів і технікумів нафтога..


Бесконтактные устройства пуска и торможения электродвигателей


В связи с интенсивным развитием в последние годы промышленного производства изделий силовой электроники, стало возможным создание целой гаммы бесконтактных устройств, обеспечивающих запуск и торможение асинхронных электродвигателей в условиях значительного снижения негативных явлений, присущих использованию традиционной электромеханической аппаратуры. Как пр..


Буровая гидравлика


Содержит систематизированное изложение основ гидравлики вязких и вязкопластичных жидкостей в объеме, необходимых для гидравлических расчетов при решении практических задач строительства нефтяных и газовых скважин. Уделено внимание гидродинамике спускоподъемных операций в скважине, гидравлике цементирования обсадных колонн. Предназначено для студентов, обучаю..

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