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Architects' Data (Довідник архітектора Нойферт)

3800 грн

An indispensable tool for the initial stages of designing and planning a building projectThis new edition of the classic bestselling text provides, in one concise volume, the essential information needed as the basis for the more detailed design and development of any building project. Organized largely by building type, it covers the planning criteria and c..


Lindhe's Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, 2 Volume Set (Клиническая пар..

10500 грн

Discover the latest edition of the cornerstone reference on periodontology and implant dentistry that combines scholarship and science with practical clinical instructionThe Seventh Edition of Lindhe's Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry brings together a distinguished team of periodontal specialists and academics who deliver another must..


MRI in Practice (МРТ: практичний посібник)

1990 грн

MRI in Practice continues to be the number one reference book and study guide for the registry review examination for MRI offered by the American Registry for Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).  This latest edition offers in-depth chapters covering all core areas, including: basic principles, image weighting and contrast, spin and gradient echo pulse sequ..


Біохімія та метаболізм м'язової діяльності (Biochemistry for Sport and Exercise Metab..

1990 грн

How do our muscles produce energy for exercise and what are the underlying biochemical principles involved? These are questions that students need to be able to answer when studying for a number of sport related degrees. This can prove to be a difficult task for those with a relatively limited scientific background. Biochemistry for Sport and Exercise M..


Вагітність високого ризику: протоколи, засновані на доказовій медицині (Protocols for..

5000 грн

Through seven editions, Protocols for High-Risk Pregnancies has helped busy obstetricians keep pace with a constantly evolving field. Providing just-in-time content, its focus on protocols and guidelines helps organize medical thinking, avoid heuristic errors of omission and commission, and optimize maternal and fetal outcomes.As with the prior six..


Ветеринарна гематологія, клінічна хімія та цитологія (Veterinary Hematology, Clinical..

4200 грн

A clear and concise guide to veterinary laboratory diagnostic techniques and interpretationThe newly revised Third Edition of Veterinary Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, and Cytology delivers a thorough and focused exploration of the basic principles of veterinary lab testing and diagnosis, as well as the cytology, hematology, and chemistry of commo..


Ветеринарна клінічна паразитологія (Veterinary Clinical Parasitology)

3360 грн

New edition of the market-leading benchtop reference on the diagnosis of internal and external parasites in animals, including expanded coverage of parasites of reptiles, birds, and other exotic speciesVeterinary Clinical Parasitology, 9th Edition, allows for a quick and accurate reference to internal and external parasites found in a wide variety of do..


Ветеринарна лабораторна діагностика (Veterinary Technician's Handbook of Laboratory P..

2100 грн

Practical, quick reference to laboratory test procedures routinely used in the veterinary settingThe Second Edition of Veterinary Technician’s Handbook of Laboratory Procedures provides a significant update and expansion to the First Edition, with larger and better-quality images, more images overall, and significant updates to information and equi..


Діагностична візуалізація (Diagnostic Imaging)

2800 грн

Diagnostic Imaging will help medical students, junior doctors, residents and trainee radiologists understand the principles behind interpreting all forms of imaging. Providing a balanced account of all the imaging modalities available – including plain film, ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, radionuclide imaging and interventional ..


Діагностична дерматоскопія (Diagnostic Dermoscopy: The Illustrated Guide)

3300 грн

2nd EditionDiagnostic Dermoscopy delivers a focused, practical and user-friendly guide to diagnosing the most frequently seen presentations of skin lesions practitioners encounter in clinic. The new edition offers a comprehensive collection of strategies to find and diagnose skin cancers at an earlier point in their evolution, and to increase confidence..


Діаметр: протокол AAA нового покоління - дизайн, практика та застосування (Diameter: ..

3780 грн

Presents the principles, design, development and applications of the Diameter protocol suiteThe Diameter protocol was born in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and designed to be a general-purpose Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) protocol applicable to many network environments. This book is for everyone who wants to understand th..


Ендокринологія та діабет (Endocrinology and Diabetes)

1430 грн

Balancing depth and accessibility, Endocrinology and Diabetes: Lecture Notes, 2nd Edition, provides medical students and junior doctors with the key information needed to understand mechanisms of endocrine conditions. This popular revision guide covers endocrine anatomy and physiology, scientific background, clinical presentations, diagnosis and managem..


Ендокринологія: від патофізіології до терапії (Endocrinology: Pathophysiology to Ther..

3070 грн

EndocrinologyEnables readers to form an integrated understanding of endocrine physiology by examining the mechanisms of action of medical therapiesEndocrinology: Pathophysiology to Therapy is a comprehensive resource on medical therapies; in each chapter, the relevant endocrine physiology of the medical therapy is presented, followed by a review of the ..


Клінічна патологія та лабораторні методи в ветеринарії (Clinical Pathology and Labora..

3150 грн

Up-to-date, practical reference book demonstrating laboratory procedures in dogs, cats, cattle and horsesThe newly revised and updated Second Edition of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Techniques for Veterinary Technicians is an inclusive reference on laboratory procedures pertaining to small animals, horses, and cattle, providing information on ..


Клінічний атлас цитології та гематології дрібних тварин (Clinical Atlas of Small Anim..

5460 грн

Clinical Atlas of Small Animal Cytology and HematologyA comprehensive image-based reference to all aspects of small animal cytology and hematology, including sample collection and handlingClinical Atlas of Small Animal Cytology and Hematology, Second Edition is an essential, comprehensive resource for all veterinary professionals preparing and evaluatin..


Концепція Бобата: теорія та клінічна практика неврологічної реабілітації (Bobath Conc..

3120 грн

Authored by members of the British Bobath Tutors Association, Bobath Concept: Theory and Clinical Practice in Neurological Rehabilitationis a practical illustrated guide that offers a detailed exploration of the theoretical underpinning and clinical interventions of the Bobath Concept.The evolution of the Bobath concept is brilliantly captured in this volume..


Наочна комп'ютерна томографія (CT at a Glance)

1470 грн

CT at a Glance gets readers quickly up to speed with the core knowledge and competencies required for computed tomography (CT) scanning, as established by the major radiography organizations around the world, including the ASRT and the CAMRT. This brand new title describes the basic science behind CT with an emphasis on the theory that is essential for ..


Наочна магнітно-резонансна томографія (MRI at a Glance)

1680 грн

Highly Commended at the British Medical Association Book Awards 2016MRI at a Glance encapsulates essential MRI physics knowledge. Illustrated in full colour throughout, its concise text explains complex information, to provide the perfect revision aid. It includes topics ranging from magnetism to safety, K space to pulse sequences, and image contrast to..


Нейропсихологія для ерготерапевтів (Neuropsychology for Occupational Therapists: Cogn..

1890 грн

Neuropsychology for Occupational Therapists is a bestselling, comprehensive guide to the assessment and rehabilitation of impaired cognitive function and brain damage.  Divided into two parts, the first introduces the fundamental role cognition has in occupational performance, before moving on to examine the theoretical frameworks behind cognitive ..


Офтальмологія дрібних тварин: атлас і посібник (Small Animal Ophthalmic Atlas and Gui..

5040 грн

В учебном пособии изложены краткая история ветеринарной офтальмологии, анатомо-топографическое строение органа зрения у разных видов животных, физиология органа зрения, исследование и диагностика болезней глаз, болезни области костной орбиты, век, слезного аппарата, конъюнктивы, роговицы, сосудистого тракта, сетчатки, хрусталика, стекловидного тела, расстрой..


Розрахунки покрівлі: від конструкцій до черепиці (Goss's Roofing Ready Reckoner: From..

1350 грн

Goss’s Roofing Ready Reckoner provides cutting angle and lengths for traditional ‘cut’ roofs and design tables for timber sizing, based on BS5268 ‘Structural use of timber’ and now including a comparison of timber sizes using Eurocode 5 ‘Design of Timber Structures’. Additional information is provided on wall plate and gable strapping, wind bracing, truss cl..


Розширена аналітика та ШІ: вплив, впровадження та майбутнє (Advanced Analytics and AI..

1560 грн

Once thought of as science fiction, major corporations are already beginning to use cognitive systems to assist in providing wealth advice and also in medication treatment. The use of Cognitive Analytics/Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems is set to accelerate, with the expectation that it’ll be considered ‘mainstream’ in the next 5 – 10 years. It’ll change..

Сучасні засоби захисту рослин (Modern Crop Protection Compounds)


Сучасні засоби захисту рослин (Modern Crop Protection Compounds)

16000 грн14400 грн

The leading reference on this topic has just gotten better. Building on the success of the previous two editions, all the chapters have been updated to reflect the latest developments in the field, and new chapters have been added on picolinic acids, oxathiapiprolin, flupyradifurone, and other topics.This third edition presents the most important active ingr..


Техніка перев'язки, шинування та гіпсування коней (Equine Bandaging, Splinting, and C..

4620 грн

A practical reference manual dealing with a vital component of clinical practice in equine medicineThe application of bandages, splints, and casts is an essential part of equine surgical and veterinary care. Traditionally, however, there have been few available resources wholly dedicated to application techniques. The result is that equine veterinary practit..

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