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In the Hands of a Baker

  • 1200грн
  • Автор: The Culinary Institute of America (CIA)
  • Видавництво: WILEY
  • Рік видання: 2013
  • Сторінок: 170
  • Склад: В наявності

Доступні опції:

In the Hands of a Baker covers all the basics of selecting and using baking equipment for the professional kitchen. This text provides guidance on purchasing the correct equipment, organizing a workstation, and the proper care and cleaning of all types of baking tools. The first part of In the Hands of a Baker covers basic tools such as scales, measures, whips, peelers, and small appliances including mixers, choppers, and ice cream machines. The second part of this text includes more advanced and specialized tools, such as those necessary for bread baking, pastry making, and décor and confectionery work.

  • ISBN: 978-0-470-58785-0
  • Мова видання: EN
  • Тип обкладинки: М'яка
  • Вага: 500г

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