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400 Sauces, Dips, Dressings, Salsas, Jams, Jellies & Pickles

  • 572грн
  • Автор: Catherine Atkinson, Christine France , Maggie Mayhew
  • Видавництво: Anness Publishing
  • Рік видання: 2015
  • Сторінок: 512
  • Склад: На замовлення

How to add something special to every dish for every occasion, from classic cooking sauces to fun party dips. Transform the everyday into a feast with all kinds of tempting sauces and tasty accompaniments. Featuring over 400 step-by-step recipes in 1500 fabulous photographs, make every meal memorable with this practical and accessible guide to the complementary sauces, salsas and accompaniments. The classic and original recipes add an inspirational touch to every conceivable kind of meal, whether a rich gravy for a roasted leg of lamb, a tangy orange sauce for duck, a quick crunchy satay for shredded vegetables or a stunning series of party dips, tangy dressings, sweet chunky chutneys, cooling raitas, fresh fruit coulis or rich dessert creams. Many of these recipes will also make fantastic gifts, such as Christmas chutney, tarragon and champagne mustard, rumtopf, and spiced apple mincemeat. From much-loved standbys such as Bolognese sauce, mango chutney, and pickled onions to stand-alone sweet preserves such as apricots in amaretto, this is an inspiring kitchen compendium. Add something special to every type of dish and every kind of occasion, with recipes for a wonderful range of accompaniments, from classic sauces to spiced mustards. Includes quick, easy recipes for creamy dips, fiery salsas, tasty relishes, spicy marinades and simple dressings: try calvados and apple sauce for pork, sweet pepper salsa for fish, or basil and lemon mayonnaise for salads. Try making some of the tempting preserves to stock up your pantry, from green tomato chutney and spiced apple mincemeat to quince and coriander jelly, and blueberry and lime jam. A detailed introduction to the art of sauce-making and preserving covers techniques from making stocks and marinades to setting jams and jellies.

  • ISBN: 9781846810701
  • Мова видання: EN
  • Тип обкладинки: М'яка
  • Розмір: 170 х 215 мм
  • Вага: 1,000г

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