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3D Visualization Handbook

  • 1760грн
  • Автор: James Barry
  • Видавництво: CRC Press
  • Рік видання: 2023
  • Сторінок: 290
  • Склад: Готується до друку
Create winning photorealistic renders quickly and efficiently using AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max and Photoshop in this all-in-one guide to starting and finishing high-end visualization projects. Veteran 3D artist James Barry takes users step-by-step through entire streamlined workflows to produce state-of-the-art illustrations for the interior design and architecture industries. Together you’ll develop stunning interior and exterior scenes as you clean up CAD drawings and import them into 3Ds Max and then learn to shade, texture, light, render, and Photoshop your images for fast, professional results. Take the stress out of every part of your process by utilizing this book’s unsurpassed visualization tutorials, beautiful layout and illustrations, and comprehensive companion website. Key Features An all-in-one reference for 3D architectural visualization, with tutorials that cover every step of the process, including cleaning up and importing CAD files into 3ds Max, modeling, materials, lighting, camera composition, rendering, and post-production Takes users through complete architectural design workflows for two interior and one exterior scene, including a sectional view Stunning large, full-color images to show greater detail All project files are available through the companion website, so readers can re-create tutorials and achieve exactly the same results
  • ISBN: 9781138914636
  • Мова видання: EN
  • Тип обкладинки: М'яка
  • Розмір: 170 х 240 мм
  • Вага: 1,000г

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