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Passenger Services Conference Resolutions Manual, 39 edition

  • 40000грн
  • Видавництво: IATA
  • Рік видання: 2017
  • Сторінок: 1260
  • Склад: На замовлення

The Passenger Services Conference Resolutions Manual (PSCRM) includes all resolutions and recommended practices that have been universally agreed upon by airlines to process passengers and baggage in the international interline environment.

It includes procedures for reservations, passenger and baggage check-in and ticket issuance, specifications for baggage tag and ticketing and various multilateral interline agreements and other passenger traffic-related regulations.

  • ISBN: Без ISBN
  • Мова видання: EN
  • Тип обкладинки: М'яка
  • Розмір: 210 х 300 мм
  • Вага: 2,000г

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