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Jay Pee Brothers

Jay Pee Brothers

Atlas of Infections in Dermatology


• A diagnostic color atlas of dermatologic infections including bacterial, viral, fungal, protozoaI, and parasitic infestations.• Extensive coverage of gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial infections; mycobacterial infections; superficial, subcutaneous, and deep mycoses; and others.• Dedicated chapters on sexually transmitted infections and human immuno..

Jay Pee Brothers

Chemical Peels A Global Perspective


The book presents authors’ cumulative perspective on chemical peeling agents and individualized approach to the patient, with an overview of chemical peel selection, indications for peeling, proper techniques, risks, and potential complications. This textbook is especially beneficial to practitioners who treat darker skin types (Fitzpatrick IV–VI) and the au..

Jay Pee Brothers

Dermoscopy, Trichoscopy & Onychoscopy in Diseases of the Pigmented Skin (An Atlas and..


Dermoscopy is a rapidly expanding imaging technique that has caught the fancy of clinicians and patients alike. New observations are still being made to open exciting opportunities for clinical research. This is the revised and updated 2nd edition of Dermoscopy, Trichoscopy and Onychoscopy in Diseases of the Pigmented Skin: An Atlas and Short Text. Several n..

Jay Pee Brothers

Essentials of Medical Pharmacology 8th Edition


• Revised and updated chapters including new drugs and latest treatment guidelines.• Wide range of topics from basic pharmacological concepts to practical therapeutics.• A new chapter on 'Nitric Oxide and Vasoactive Peptide Signal Molecules’; has been added along with novel drugs that act by modifying action/turnover of these molecules.• Priority has been ac..

Jay Pee Brothers

RSSDI’s Insulin Monograph (A Complete Guide to Insulin Therapy)


This monograph on insulin will assist and educate doctors on the nuances of managing insulin therapy. The book has chapters contributed from selected experts in the area of diabetes. The contributors have thoughtfully written concise yet informative compilations of latest information on different aspects related to insulin therapy which will be relevance to ..

Jay Pee Brothers

Skin Cancer


Despite advances in oncology, dermatology, and genetics, one of the most commonly occurring cancers is skin cancer. Written by oncology and dermatology nurse experts, the latest volume in the site-specific cancer series provides a comprehensive review for nurses caring for patients who have been diagnosed cancer of the skin. "Skin Cancer" discusses the etiol..

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